The Project Partners

State Capital Düsseldorf

Office of Economic Development Düsseldorf – Focus on your success

The Office of Economic Development is the central contact point for all companies. From start-up to expansion and the question of succession – our experienced specialists can provide assistance at all stages of a company's development.

  • Start-up support
    The new start-up unit at the Office of Economic Development advises and assists young companies in the development of their business. The start-up unit answers any questions on the subject of start-ups in Düsseldorf and gives tips on various issues relating to the founding process e.g. on the subject of financing and development funds.
  • Real estate service, location advice, permit management
    As part of our location advice, we show you the trends in site and real estate development. We especially provide advice to companies who would like to establish their first company site in Düsseldorf and give direct support in the search for suitable commercial real estate to buy or lease.
    You can take advantage of our advice when applying for all administrative permits and approvals.
  • Company support large-scale enterprises
    We offer individual support for large companies covering the areas of human resources, construction measures/approval management, infrastructure, sustainability strategies and public relations work.
  • International Business Service
    The International Business Service is the central contact point for comprehensive and tailored advice and support for all foreign companies – on settlement and start-up as well as the first few steps in Düsseldorf, but also in all other phases and business situations. Information is offered in 10 languages. The services offered range from initial information with facts and figures on Düsseldorf as a business location to the key basic conditions for your investments to information on formalities when setting up your branch and also to the search for suitable office and commercial space in Düsseldorf.
  • Competence Centre Cultural and Creative Industries
    The aim of the Competence Centre is to optimise the basic conditions for the development of creativity, diversity, value creation and jobs in the cultural and creative industries.



County of Mettmann

The Office of Economic Development for the County of Mettmann

  • is a service provider and partner for start-up entrepreneurs, companies and the towns belonging to the District.
  • helps you become established in the County of Mettmann and provides support to companies established here.
  • develops and markets the business location of the County of Mettmann and strengthens its competitiveness.
  • supports the development and maintenance of communicative networks.
  • advises start-up entrepreneurs and companies on existing development possibilities.
  • focuses on family-oriented business support and promotes the compatibility of family and career as well as caregiving and career.
  • promotes labour market participation of women in our business region.
  • strengthens cooperation between schools, companies and universities.
  • develops strategies to secure skilled personnel in the region.
  • cooperates with companies and associations, chambers and political institutions.
  • seeks to engage in dialogue with you.


Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Düsseldorf

The IHK Düsseldorf was founded in 1831 and represents the overall interest of around 80,000 companies from industry, trade and services in Düsseldorf and the ten towns in the County of Mettmann (Erkrath, Haan, Heiligenhaus, Hilden, Langenfeld (Rheinland), Mettmann, Monheim am Rhein, Ratingen, Velbert and Wülfrath) in dealings with political institutions, administration and the general public.

The IHK carries out numerous public duties (for example dual vocational education, foreign trade documents) under its own management. It is also a customer-oriented service provider for regional business providing independent information, advice and mediation services on subjects such as German and international markets, education and further training, legal matters and economic development.

Düsseldorf is the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the largest federal state in Germany, and is located at the heart of Europe's largest conurbation. In a radius of 500 kilometres all round Düsseldorf, you can reach 50 percent of EU purchasing power and almost a third of the EU population. The region is one of the most international in Germany with a special orientation towards the Asian market. Over one in six companies has more than 50% foreign share capital or is managed by a foreign national.